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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kicked Out

So I got kicked out of the MIT class. It pretty much sucked. No one knew about it and no one knew how to help. I guess what I hate the most is that I paid for a class and didn't get anything in return. Just a call saying I've learned everything there is to know and I can move no further in the class because I'm not a Baptist. It is statements like this that make me want to shove the bible and every other religious book down peoples throats. To tell be they teach the wholeness of God and the purpose is to find your reason why you are here on this earth, only to then separate you into groups of denominational stupidity.

That makes no sense to me and neither does me not getting my money back. That's right. I asked for a refund of my money because I was kicked out of class based on this one pastor's decision that I was not a Baptist. I guess not being a Baptist served as a threat to the foundation of his screwed up institution that he calls a church.

Too bad those college kids can't see through the reality of the situation. I saw it and thought I could float through it. That by being in that class I would be able to accomplish some type of feat of helping others to realize the truth about God and about that church. But my fire has been stamped out before it even had a chance to get any air behind it.

To others seeking to follow man in order to find God, DON'T. Save yourself the trouble, pick up the bible or whatever religious text you follow, read it and FIND GOD for yourself and not based on some other's view of what God is.

God appears differently and in different ways to us all and we don't need some body telling us that church and a pastor/priest is the only way to God. JESUS is the only WAY.

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Please help me for Christ sake